Siberian Kittens

Here you will find our available siberian kittens and planned litters. I will post information as soon as I have confirmed a pregnancy. I will add information about each litter with expected colors of the kittens, information of the parents, healt-tests,  etc.

I will only sell breeding cats to traditional siberian breeders that are breeding due to the Clean Genealogy project. I don’t sell to SIB/NEM-mixers and breeders who breed siberians with non approved colors.

I will gladly sell kittens for breeding to other countries and in that case I will meet you in Stockholm to deliver the kitten. In some cases I can deliver the kitten myself to your county for an extra cost.

The kitten will have ID-chip, regular vaccination, rabies vaccination, EU-passport, a veterinary exam (no older than 7 days) and all other necessary documents ready before the departure.

Planned litters for summer 2022

We are planning some litters for summer/autumn 2022.

Parents of the litter


Name: Daisy
Born: 2016
n 03 (Black solid bicolour)
Group: 2 (Clean genealogy project)

HCM: Normal 2017-04-29, 2019-12-07 and 2021-01-06
PKD: Normal 2017-04-29, 2019-12-07 and 2021-09-23 (including CKD)
FIV/FeLV: Negative
PK def: G/G
Colorpoint:  C/C


Name: Bentley
Born: 2018
a 03 22 (Bluetabby bicolour)
Group: 1 (Clean genealogy project)

HCM: Normal (2021-09-18)
PKD: Normal (2021-09-18)
FIV/FeLV: Negative
PK def: G/G
Bloodgroup: N/N
Colorpoint: C/C

Expected Colors

Expected colors of the kittens;


n 03/02/01  22/24 (Blackspotted/tabby with white)
n 03/02/01  (Black solid with white)
a 03/02/01  22/24 (Bluespotted/tabby with white)
a 03/02/01  (Bue solid with white)


n 03/02/01  22/24 (Blackspotted/tabby with white)
n 03/02/01  (Black solid with white)
a 03/02/01  22/24 (Bluespotted/tabby with white)
a 03/02/01 (Bue solid with white)

  • Males: 12.50% n 03/02/01  22/24
  • Males: 12,50% n 03/02/01 
  • Males: 12,50% a 03/02/01  22/24
  • Males: 12,50% a 03/02/01 
  • Females: 12.50% n 03/02/01  22/24
  • Females: 12,50% n 03/02/01 
  • Females: 12,50% a 03/02/01  22/24
  • Females: 12,50% a 03/02/01 

Planned litter for 2019

We are planning two more litters for spring 2019, one group 2 litter and one group 3 litter. I will update with some more information shortly.