Conditions of sale

Breeding cats

I will only sell my cats to traditional siberian cat breeders that breeds NEM-free due to

I will not sell my kittens to SIB/NEM mixers or breeders of non recognized colors.

I don’t sell studs to breeders that keep them in a cage or a “stud-room”. I want all my cats to be loved familymembers.

The cat must be neutered before selling it or replacing it in the future. It can not be sold as an fertile cat to another cattery.

Prices for a breeding cat: 1500 EUR (that includes delivery to the airport)

You will always get lifetime support from me and I will gladly help you with any questions.

We will constantly upate our Kittens page with our plans and available kittens.


If you live in another country and wants to buy a kitten from me you are very welcome to come and visit us in our home. I can meet you at the airport (only 40min from my house). Otherwise I can meet up at the airport (Arlanda).

In some cases (depending on the location and regulations), I can deliver the kitten myself to your country. I strongly prefer to meet the persons that I sell a cat to.

The kitten will have ID-chip, regular vaccination, rabies vaccination, EU-passport, a veterinary exam (no older than 7 days) and all other necessary documents ready before the departure.

You will also receive copies of the parents health-tests and all other necessary information.

My kittens sold for breeding to other countries will be sold with some restrictions but also guarantees, please contact me for more information.

The kitten is;

* Ready to leave at 12-16 weeks
* Vaccinated
* Rabies vaccinated (if needed)
* ID chipped
* Checked by a veterinarian
* Dewormed if needed

The kitten has;

* a FIFE pedigree
* a EU Passport
* Copies of the parents health-tests

The parents health-tests;

* PK def
* Colorpoint gene
* Bloodgroup

The kitten is;

* Well socialised
* Used to kids
* Bred on quality food