About my cattery

I am a Siberian Cat breeder and I’m breeding in home enviroment. The focus of my breeding is to breed typical, healthy and traditional siberian cats. When i’m talking about traditional siberians I mean that I will not mix in Neva Masquerade (NEM) in my cats. I will also focus on the long term to try to get rid of all NEM in 10 generations. I became aware of this when I looked through the pedigrees with depth and when I contacted other breeders abroad. I hope that there will be more breeders who actively workes for this, to preserve the traditional siberian cat. 

I will import most of my breeding cats to bring in some “new” lines to Sweden and to “freshen up” the lines that already exist here. I will not sell my kittens to NEM, SIB/NEM breeders or breeders that breed on other colors like chocolate or cinnamon etc.

I will test all my cats of HCM, FIV/FeLV, Pk-def, Cs-gene, bloodgroup etc. before their first mating. The testresults will be updated on our site as soon as they are made.

About me

My name is Amanda Hedrén and I lives in Stockholm with my family. My family consists of my husband, our two children (4 and 2 years old) and of course our cats!

I got my interest in Siberians from my mother who is also a breeder of siberian cats for several years. My mother is also breeding on traditional siberians and is a big inspiration for me. Otherwise I work as a software tester on a big company here in sweden. In my spare time I like to spend time with my family and in the nature, gardening and renovate on the house.


Information about our kittens and planned litters.

Fodervärd sibirisk kattunge

Fodervärd sibirisk kattunge. Vill du bli fodervärd åt en sibirisk kattunge? Vi kommer söka fodervärdar åt våra kattungar samt framtida importerade katter framöver.


I will update here what is going on at SE*Voyakas Siberian Cattery. New like future shows, planned matings and our actual litters etc. will be showned here.

Catshow 20-21 January

On the show in Örebro in Sweden (Nerike catclub) I am planning to show Danny (CZ*Danny Siberian Lights).

Kittens 2018!

We are hoping for a litter after Leia in summer 2018. We will update with more information as soon as we can confirm a pregnancy.

New breeding queen!

A new breeding queen will move in with us in April, she is from Russia and has very exciting and some new lines in her pedigree, we are so looking forward to meet her!

Sibirisk Katt Stockholm

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Information about born kittens and planned litters.

Follow us on facebook!

Information about born kittens and planned litters.

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Amanda Hedrén, SE*VOYAKAS

Åkersberga, Stockholm

Phone: +46 73 501 39 38


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