traditional siberian cats

Siberian cat

I’m a breeder of traditional Siberian Cats in home enviroment.

The focus of my breeding is to breed typical, healthy and traditional siberian cats. When i’m talking about traditional siberians I mean that I will not mix in Neva Masquerade (NEM) in my cats. I will also focus on the long term to try to get rid of all NEM in 10 generations.

It’s well knowned that other breeds (like Siamese) has been mixed with Neva Masqerade to get the CS-gene (the Siamese color-point pattern). The risk when mixing in other breeds is that we aswell could get other diseases, allergy-levels etc. in our Siberian cats. There are no studied maded yet about the differences between the allergy-levels of a Neva and a traditonal Siberian.

I became aware of this traditional breeding when I looked through the pedigrees with depth and when I contacted other breeders abroad. I hope that there will be more breeders who actively workes for this, to preserve the traditional siberian cat. 

I will import most of my breeding cats since there are so few breeders in Sweden that are breeding with no/low NEM. I will not sell my kittens to NEM, SIB/NEM breeders or breeders that breed on other colors like chocolate or cinnamon etc.

I will test all my cats of HCM, FIV/FeLV, Pk-def, Cs-gene, bloodgroup etc. before their first mating. The testresults will be updated on our site as soon as they are made.


Here I will update with some news in our cattery. It could be coming cat-shows, planned litters or available kittens.

Planned litter autumn 2018

We have a traditional litter planned for autumn 2018.

The litter will be a “group 2” (due to the siberian cat breeders central)

Read more about our coming plans and litters at “kittens“.

Planned litter winter 2018

We have a traditional litter planned for winter 2018. The litter will be a “group 3”. More information about the parents will come later since the plans could be changed.